Hydraulic Testers PPC Pad


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Discover the easy handling and flexible usage of our Hydraulic testers of the PPC series. 

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Hydraulic Testers PPC-Pad

The PPC Pad is the highest-performance unit of the PPC series. This portable multi-function hand-held measuring instrument has been especially developed for the increasing fluid technology requirements. STAUFF‘s CAN bus sensors take advantage of the bus system‘s automatic sensor recognition to provide an easy-to-install Plug & Play solution. The measured values can be displayed in various presentation styles and make effective solutions-orientated analysis possible.

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▪ Portable multi-function hand-held measuring instrument
▪ Pressure, temperature, flow and speed can be measured,
  monitored and analysed
▪ Measurement and display of over 50 channels
▪ Measured value display: numerical, bar graph, pointer,
  curve graph
▪ Project templates can be saved and loaded
▪ Interfaces: CAN, LAN, USB
▪ Total memory with up to 1 billion measured values
▪ Measured data can be (automatically) recorded, saved and
  analysed with the PPC-Soft-plus PC software and a LAN or
  USB connection
▪ Max. CAN bus length: 100 m / 328 ft
▪ Calibration certificate on request
  (only for PPC-Pad-102/-103)

Technical Data

▪ Housing: ABS/PC (Thermoplastic)
▪ Protective Sleeve: TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer)

Dimensions and Weight
▪ WxHxD: 257 x 181 x 75 mm / 10.12 x 7.13 x 2.95 in
▪ Weight: 1550 g / 3.4 lbs (basic model)

▪ FT-LCD colour graphic display
▪ Visible area: 115 x 86 mm/ 4.53 x 3.39 in
▪ Resolution: 640 x 480 Pixel

▪ Measurement: ACT/MIN/MAX values
▪ Measured value display: Numerical, bar graph,
  pointer, curve graph
▪ Measuring functions: Start/stop, points, trigger
▪ Trigger: Slope, manual, level, window, time, logic
  (interconnection of up to two events for the
  measurement start and stop)
▪ Pre-trigger
▪ Remote operation via the Ethernet
▪ Acoustic notification at any incident

Measured Data Memory
▪ For storing measured values, project data and screenshots

▪ Memory capacity: ≤4 million measured values per
  Total measured value memory >1 billion measued values
▪ Memory format: ACT/MIN/MAX
▪ Memory interval: 1 ms to 24 h
▪ Memory duration: 1 ms to 300 h (trigger measurement)
▪ Internal: 64 MB (approx. 32 million measured values)
▪ External SD memory: MicroSD memory card incl. in
  standard shipment
  Slot: MicroSD memory card
▪ External USB mass memory device: up to 40 GB

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Inputs / Outputs
▪ CAN sensor inputs: 2 CAN bus networks each with
  8 sensors and max. 16 channels (for STAUFF CAN bus
  Scanning rate: 1 ms = 1000 measured values/sec.
  M12x1 push-in connector, 5-pin with SPEEDCON
▪ 1 digital trigger input: Scanning rate: 1 ms
  Input impedance: 1 kΩ
  Active high: >+7 … +24 V DC
  Active low: <1 V DC isolated
▪ 1 digital trigger output: Scanning rate: 1 ms
  Max.switching signal: +24 V DC/max. 20 mA isolated
▪ Push-in connector for digital input and output:
  M8 x 1 / 4-pin, push-in connector

Power Supply
▪ Internal: Lithium Ion pack, +7.4 V DC / 4500 mAh
  Battery charging circuit/operating time with 3 CAN
  sensors: > 8 h

Protection Rating
▪ IP64: Dust tight and protected against splashing water

Technical Data (for PPC-Pad-102 and 103)

Input with Sensor Recognition
▪ 3 or 6 sensor inputs (up to 6 or 12 analogue measurement
  channels) with sensor recognition (p/T/Q/n) for PPC
▪ Push-in connection: 5-pin, push-pull, combination
  panel plug/socket
▪ Scanning rate: 1 ms = 1000 measured values/sec.

▪ For the combined Pressure/Temperature Sensor,
  there is an additional temperature channel for each sensor
▪ Temperature scanning: 1 s

Inputs for Auxiliary Sensors
▪ 2 analogue sensor inputs: for measuring current and
  Scanning rate: 1 ms = 1000 measured values/sec.
  Voltage measuring range:
  -10 … +10 V DC (freely configurable)
  Current measuring range: 0/4…20 mA
  Supply external sensors: +18 … +24 V DC/max. 100 mA
  Push-in connection: M12x1, 5-pin socket

▪ FAST mode: Scanning rate: 0.1 ms = 10000
  measured values/sec. only one auxiliary sensor input
  is useable

▪ +0,02 % per °C

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