Pressure Sensors P


Pressure Sensor PPC-04/12-P

▪ Analogue version
▪ 5-pin connection
▪ Can be used with all analogue Hydraulic Testers of the PPC series
▪ Input voltage: 9 ... 36 V DC
▪ Output signal: 0 ... 3 V DC

CAN Pressure Sensor PPC-CAN-P

▪ CAN version
▪ Indication of the sensor status via LED
▪ 5-pin SPEEDCON connection plug
▪ CANopen protocol profile DS406 v3.2 with manufacturer-specific additions
▪ LSS service DS305 v2.0

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Technical Data

▪ Sturdy Stainless Steel housing (1.4301)
▪ FPM (Viton®) gasket
▪ Weight: 85 g / .19 lbs
▪ Suitable for gases and liquids (in the case of aggressive
  media, only after consultation)
▪ Accuracy (±0,25% FS* typ.)
▪ Automatic sensor recognition
▪ Process Connection G1/4 (without adaptor)
▪ Calibration certificate on request

Ambient Conditions
▪ Media temperature: -25 °C ... +105 °C /-13 °F ... +221 °F
▪ Ambient temperature: -25 °C ... +85 °C / -13 °F ... +185 °F
▪ Storage temperature: -25 °C ... +85 °C / -13 °F ... +185 °F
▪ Load cycles (106): 100

Electrical Data
▪ Response time: 1 ms
▪ Long-term stability: < 0,2 % FS* /a
▪ Vibration loading: acc. to IEC 60068-2-6 (20g)
▪ Shock loading: acc. to IEC 60068-2-27 (50g)

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Connection Adaptors for PPC Sensors

In addition to the Pressure Sensors (analogue and CAN version), different adaptors and adaptor sets are available that not only connect to the STAUFF Test 20 (SDA20-G1/4-C6F), but also to the Test Couplings of the STAUFF Test 15/12/10 series (SAD20/15-P-C6F, SAD20/12-P-C6F, SAD20/10-P-C6F).


Pressure Sensor (analogue): A PPC-04/12-CAB3
  (3 m / 9.84 ft) Connection Cable is needed to connect
  the sensor to the current Hydraulic Testers.
  A PPC-04/12-CAB5-EXT (5 m / 16.40 ft) Extension
  Cable is also available as an option.
CAN Pressure Sensor: Connecting the CAN sensor to
  the CAN Hydraulic Tester a CAN Connection Cable and a
  CAN Terminating Resistor is needed.

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