Custom Level Gauges

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STAUFF Custom Level Gauges:
Special Sizes, Designs and Materials

Visual fluid level indication in hydraulic reservoirs with maximum tank pressures not exceeding 2 bar / 29 PSI; ideal for custom applications in terms of reservoir capacities and dimensions

Nominal Sizes 
▪ Special sizes beyond the normal of 305 mm / 12 in
  up to a maximum nominal size of 950 mm / 37.4 in –
  even for small and medium quantities
▪ High-precision manufacturing within 1 mm
  tolerance to customer requirements

Media Compatibility
▪ Suitable for use with Mineral and Petroleum
  based hydraulic fluids (HL and HLP)

▪ Robust design thanks to one or more struts that
  subdivide the display into 2 or more sections
▪ Positioning of the strut(s) based on engineering
  considerations and/or according to particular
  customer requirements
▪ Precise visual indication of the fluid level by use
  of scale plates (only available for nominal sizes
  smaller than 670 mm / 26.4 in) or by use of a
  coloured floating element (recommended option
  for nominal sizes larger than 670 mm / 26.4 in)
▪ Plastic dampening clips to reduce vibration
  of the sight tube are used for nominal sizes larger
  than 450 mm / 17.7 in

▪ Housing made of Steel, Aluminium or Stainless Steel
▪ Sight tube and plugs made of Polyamide (PA)
▪ Sealings made of NBR (Buna-N®)
▪ Scale plate made of PVC
▪ Floating element made of Polyamide (PA)

Special sight tube materials for improved UV or chemical
resistance and use with special media (such as
bio-degradable fluids, diesel oils, gasolines, etc.) as well
as special sealing materials, e.g. FPM (Viton®), and scale
plate materials, e.g. Aluminium, are available on request.

Please also ask for our special low-temperature versions,
suitable for extreme temperatures up to -40 °C / -40 °F.

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Options / Accessories

▪ Neutral or custom-designed scale plates
▪ Red / blue capillary tube thermometers with a dual
  Celsius / Fahrenheit scale and a temperature display
  range of up to +80 °C / +180 °F
▪ Dial thermometers with probe and a Celsius or a
  dual Celsius / Fahrenheit scale with a temperature
  display range of up to +100 °C / +200 °F
▪ Thermo switches
▪ Temperature sensors

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